Château Les Aulnois


Located in the heart of the village of Pierry opposite the Church, the Chateau Aulnois is a hidden beauty, nestled at the foot of the hills and vineyards of Pierry famous since the eighteenth century to the high quality of its wines.


The Aulnois, historical

The property, remarkable for its architectural qualities, its French garden and the tapestry of the great octagonal room, was included in the Inventory of Historic Buildings in 1986.

She also witnessed the birth of Champagne and its development. .


Guest House: A new destiny for the Aulnois

Five bedrooms: accommodation 12 people

Table d’hôtes sur réservation

Seminars: 20 people

Languages spoken: French, English

Pets not allowed

Private parking Clos wall

Credit cards accepted except American Express

No smoking

Arrival desirable: between 16 and 19 am to allow time to settle down quietly and get acquainted with the places

(If you arrive later, thank you to let us know and we will wait)

It is desirable that the rooms are released at noon




Originally this area is a rich vineyard consists of 22 acres of vines, an fermenting, wine cellars, wine cellars and wine presses.

Andre DELAPLACE, Adviser to the King and Controller General of Finance, acquired it in 1771.

At the site of the old building, he built the Castle in 1778, and made a summer home, a "campaign".

The area is a living entity in its own right, including facilities for the production of wine and all the elements for a domestic life easier.

It has well, dovecote, laundry, bakery, vegetable garden, yard, orchard and a park

Andre DELAPLACE develops the field of wine business and the merchant.

During the last decade of the ancien regime, it becomes an important shipper of bottles of champagne

At the French Revolution, he was forced in 1791 to sell his estate to Sieur Drawing Flavigny, also a merchant, owner and producer in Aÿ.


Until today the castle Aulnois The changes hands several times, but he is lucky to be in every episode of his long life, friendly hands or who have the means to preserve the beauties which are and transmitted.

The beautiful decorations of the seventeenth century, gates, piers, slabs of stone, handles and locks, mirrors, windows of time, books are still there.

These cookies give the home charm, the atmosphere, through this very special places preserved.



The main building built from the basement to the tower around a central octagon in a harmonious symmetry.

On the ground floor, the large octagonal room is lined with a mural wallpaper depicting scenes and characters from Greek mythology, scenes from Ovid's Metamorphoses.

The forty openings, doors and windows are framed by brick shape and orange color slowly characteristics of the time.

The beautiful exhibition of the main building to the south-west, sheltered from wind by the dependencies wine allows the sun to flood the rooms and lounges.

From past vineyard property, still housed in an imposing press the beautiful frame of the west building.

Over time, the castle lost its function and wine becomes a place of residence.


The French garden

The fairways, punctuated by the majestic topiary draw lawns.

The massive pink-lined box provide the color variation of this green.

The symmetry and precision are queens and nature seem tame ... ..

The French garden inspires calm and breathe the balance and harmony.

It also inspires relaxation lounges with garden located on the terraces and sun loungers on the lawns. You can sit to read, write, work, chat, drink a glass of champagne or do nothing, lulled by the singing of birds ... ..

At night, this garden is conducive to confidence, declarations of love, and marriage proposals ... ...

The places which inspire a romantic champagne is perhaps not unrelated.



Guest House: A new destiny for the Aulnois


In 2005 work was undertaken to convert the premises into a guest house.

Four years will be needed to make to the building all the modern comforts in keeping the beautiful decorative elements of the eighteenth century.

Five rooms

Five bedrooms and bathroom and private toilets are provided.


The paved courtyard

The original cobblestones that have been sitting carts grapes in the eighteenth century were covered by gravel and grass. They were extracted, placed on the surface in a pattern showing the hexagonal pattern of the whole architecture.

The court is now a place of comfortable and secure parking for cars of visitors.


The garden

Created to compliment the host table in vegetables and fresh herbs


The reception areas of the castle


The lounges are available to guests.

Fires in the fireplace on winter evenings

Seminars up to 20 people

The garden:

                Garden furniture to relax on the terraces, lawns, under the lime

In summer, appetizers, standing receptions, toasts


The press: fallback position of functions in case of bad weather


The kitchen is transformed into a kitchen to live. It became the heart of the house.

Guests come here freely and spontaneously, read, drink tea, play cards, talk about it.

The open fireplace and grill, the stove and heat radiating AGA continues make a place to live, dine or drink a glass of champagne.


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